A widower with many children opens a beauty studio in Almaty

Farhad Umarov was widowed 4 years ago, leaving four children in his arms. Having moved with them from Talgar to the city, he decided to take part in the state program to open his own business “Bastau Business” and is going to open his own beauty studio soon.

Farhad has 20 years of experience as a hairdresser and is already known in the professional circles of Almaty. However, in recent years, more time had to be devoted to small children; Farhad’s wife died in 2016 from cancer. The youngest daughter is now 3.5 years old, the oldest is 16 years old, she is now in college and helps her father with the care of the kids. Having sold his housing and all other property in Talgar, the father of many children decided to move to the city, where he hoped to better arrange the kids and work. When he asked for help from the Bakytty otbasy family support center in his Turksib district of the city in December last year, he learned about the Business Bastau business support program. Farhad immediately handed over all the documents, took training courses, and upon completion he took part and won the competition for state grants to start his own business, having received 505 thousand tenge in his hands.

“Now I am opening my own entrepreneur, I have already purchased half of the equipment for the studio, I need to submit a report on all expenses within a year. The Qolday Entrepreneurship Center promised to continue to provide support on all issues. I am opening a beauty studio at home, I am specially building a separate room, so it is more convenient to look after the children, the younger ones were put in a kindergarten. I am already inviting friends, acquaintances, former clients to my salon, I am creating a virtual cash desk. In the future, of course, I want to expand my business and provide more services. Glory be to Allah, the state provides assistance, issues benefits. Many thanks to him, “says Farhad Umarov.

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