The mother of four children, Alfiya Dzhambutaeva, was persuaded to open her business by a friend. She saw great potential in the young woman, and Alfia decided, especially since she had long wanted to realize herself and try her hand. After learning about Qoldaý.kz courses, she successfully graduated from them and recently defended her business plan for a grant to open her own coffee shop. Yes, it will be quite small for now, but its own. In the future, Alfia and her husband want to expand their business by opening a family cafe with a children’s room.

– Were there any fears? Of course there were, it seems to me that every future businessman has fear. But, than constantly being afraid of something, – says Alfia, – it is better to start acting. I myself am positive, I just know what will happen, set a goal and move forward. I myself try to motivate people more, to support other mothers who have completed courses under the Atameken program.

I am very grateful to Gaukhar Tanasheva, head of the Bakytty otbasy Center in Bostandyk district of Almaty, I can only admire her. After successfully defending the business plan, she approached me with the words: “Alfia, you are great, I am proud of you.” These were important words for me.

Recently I sit and think about how we came to the courses and how we left after 21 days – completely different. We already know what we want, where to start, and difficulties are just tasks that need to be solved in order to change our life. Moreover, when such a chance is given, a good opportunity to be realized.

I used to think that if you have money, then at least some business you can open. But at the courses and motivational trainings from businessmen I realized that I still don’t know much. We received useful information on SMM, marketing, taxes, learned how to create our own business plan. Our coffee shop will be called “Bonjour”. There are no coffee houses with such a name in Almaty, only a confectionery, I immediately offered her owner cooperation, and she agreed! And it will supply us with fresh baked goods in the morning at a wholesale price.” P. S. Exactly 2 (two) months passed from the first contact to us until the receipt of funding.

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