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Applications for suspension of rental payments for SMEs are actively accepted in Almaty

Starting from September 1, the State Assets Department of the city has been working to suspend the accrual of rental payments for small and medium-sized businesses until the end of the year in accordance with the instruction to support SMEs in terms of the Letter of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This applies to real estate objects belonging to government authorities and the quasi-public sector. «As of today, 208 relevant applications have been accepted, of which 171 have already been processed, and additional agreements have been concluded», – said Rustem Aliyev, the Head of the Department, today during an online briefing.

In order to submit an application, there is no need to come to the State Assets Department, since the service is provided online, in electronic format on the website, where detailed instructions are given. In order to do that, you need to enter your personal account on the website using an electronic digital signature (EDS), find your agreement in the appropriate section, create and sign an EDS application for the suspension of the lease. Further, in the section with contracts, find the necessary additional agreement and sign it using an EDS. Later, this application will be processed, and after it is approved by the Department, the additional agreement will come into force. The applications are accepted until December 31 of this year, however, the State Assets Department urges representatives of SMEs to do this in the near future, so as not to delay the process. Processing of the application takes 1-2 days.  

Accrual of lease payments under 499 relevant contracts with SMEs by the akimats will also be suspended beginning with September 1 until the end of the year. At the same time, the plan for receivables to the budget revenues will be reduced by 206 million tenge. The total reduction in budget revenues, taking into account the first suspension during the time being under state of emergency will be reduced by 376 million tenge. It should be noted that since March 20, the Department has accepted 612 applications to suspend the assessment of rental payments.

In order to provide prompt assistance to entrepreneurs, the State Assets Department also launched a virtual consultant (chat bot) in the Telegram application – gosaktivy_bot. It will answer all questions about the lease of state property. In addition, the information can be obtained on the website and by phone on the number: (727) 390 18 30.

In general, according to data of Rustem Aliyev, about 60 thousand square meters of state-owned areas are leased in the city every year. At the same time, about 40% are occupied by public catering facilities, 24.5% are accounted for by private schools and kindergartens, 16.3% by notary services, dress-making and tailoring establishments, small offices and others, 9.2% by training courses and sports sections, 7.8% are accounted for by buffets and canteens in state institutions, etc.

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