The construction of a small industrial park in Almaty was financed as part of state support for business - Центр предпринимательства

The construction of a small industrial park in Almaty was financed as part of state support for business

Already this September, the official opening of a new small industrial park of the Ala Estate company is expected in the Nauryzbay region of Almaty. The project was supported within the framework of the regional program “Almaty Business 2025”.

Such projects for the development of industrial parks have shown good results in the development of SMEs, for example, in countries such as Russia, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates. The effect of their work ultimately has a positive effect on the entire economy of the country.

The head of the park, Kanat Bidaralov, learned about the program of state support for business from friends. On their recommendation, at the beginning of this year, I applied for advice to the SEC “Almaty”, where the project was supported and for further work on it was sent to the Center for Entrepreneurship “Qoldaý”. Here the businessman was helped to draw up a business plan and documentation for obtaining a loan. Within a month, the project was approved and a loan of 60 million tenge was allocated for 7 years at a rate of 7% secured by property. For his part, the entrepreneur invested his 20 million tenge and, according to the agreement, assumed obligations to guarantee tenants not to increase the payment rate for 5 years, for today it is 1200 tenge per sq. meters, as well as provide all the necessary infrastructure, including electricity, water supply, heating, etc.

The construction of a small industrial park began in February this year, its total area is about 2200 sq. M. Industrial and warehouse premises are gradually being occupied by tenants, representatives of the city’s SMEs, who were attracted by preferential lease terms, as well as financial support within the framework of state programs. Among them are manufacturers of furniture, stationery, ecological packaging, masks, etc.

“Terms of financing are quite acceptable, I have never seen anything similar on the market. I am taking another loan under the same program for the construction of an industrial park already in the Industrial Zone of the city in the Alatau district, while the project is under consideration in Almaty Finance LLP, – Kanat Bidaralov shares his plans.