Ehrle company with state support plans to launch 5 car washes in Almaty - Центр предпринимательства

Ehrle company with state support plans to launch 5 car washes in Almaty

The amount of investment per car wash is about 170-200 thousand dollars. The state, represented by the Damu Foundation, has taken over the funding of up to 70% of the total amount. The total investment in the entire Ehrle network has already amounted to more than $ 1 million.

“According to our expectations, it will take about six months to recruit customers and reach full capacity, that is, up to 10 thousand customers at one car wash per month,” says the company’s director Madi Kazhigaliyev.

“We also applied to the center “Qoldaý”, which provided us with high-quality, operational consulting. We went with the specialists of “Qoldaý” to look at a large number of sites, selecting the best options in terms of location, communication, rental cost. We needed expertise, which in most cases costs a lot of money, and here it was provided to us for free, we did the analysis, went with us to state organizations. With the help of the employees of “Qoldaý”, we have selected a number of sites in Almaty, ” – says the director of the company.

The company plans to build the best network of car washes throughout Kazakhstan, up to 100 self-service car washes, providing the best equipment and the best eco-chemistry.

“We have been looking for a partner for a long time, including in Russia and China. As a result, we managed to find a German company “Ehrle”, which occupies a leading position in the European market, – says Madi Kazhigaliyev. – This is a large brand that cooperates with global companies, including Shell and Lukoil gas stations. We have started to build our car washes completely using their cascade water treatment technology, but all the building materials are from Kazakhstan. We only bring the equipment and chemicals from Europe. When deciding on the construction of such eco-car washes, we took into account the fact that the state now pays great attention to improving the state of the environment in the country, so we chose the equipment and chemicals that are least harmful from the point of view of the environment.

The cost of our services is the same as in the market, on average from 300-500 tenge, depending on the time of washing. As a result, we have already reached productive capacity at our first two car washes. We also created 10 jobs.”

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