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Kazakhstan has launched a new mobile app Beep. It is intended for motorists and service companies

The app was developed and launched by 28-year-old Almaty resident Baglan Olzhabayev. Over the past few years, he has tried his hand in various fields-from waffle production to men’s accessories. To create a mobile app for motorists, he was prompted by a real-life incident. The car in which he was traveling with a friend around the city suddenly ran out of battery, and the young people had about two hours to call friends and acquaintances with a request to help. At that moment, the idea came up – to create a single online platform where motorists could hear each other and, if possible, come to the rescue.

In August last year, Baglan Olzhabayev applied to NCE “Atameken” and in September passed training courses, drew up a business plan and received the first grant, which he spent on purchasing two laptops to create an application. Later, he decided to continue his studies at the qoldaý entrepreneurship Center, where courses for city businessmen are held within the framework of the regional entrepreneurship development program “Almaty Business-2025”.

In the online mode, Baglan passed the basic module for beginning entrepreneurs “Qoldaý Start”, and then a specialized course on IT – “Qoldaý System”. According to him, the courses provided solid knowledge: accounting and taxation, marketing analysis, opportunities to participate in public procurement, assistance in obtaining state grants and preferential loans.

Specialists of the Qoldaý Center also drew the entrepreneur’s attention to the possibility of preferential lending to his startup and helped Baglan in drawing up a business plan, thanks to which He became a member of the Zhas Halyk preferential lending program. It is intended for businessmen aged 21-30 years, the loan is issued in the amount of up to 15 million tenge at a rate of 5% per annum and for a period of up to 7 years, without collateral.

As a result, Baglan and his team received a loan to develop a mobile app, conduct marketing research, and promote the product to the market. All the preparatory work took about six months, and in September of this year, the startup released its app to the market. However, even without launching an advertising campaign, thanks to word of mouth, the number of users of the program soon exceeded a thousand people. The majority of users are car enthusiasts, but the creators of the Beep.Beep is already in the process of signing contracts with service companies. At first, service STATIONS offer to use the app for free and earn customers. Its functionality is extensive.

“Let’s say you had an unexpected situation, the car broke down, – explains Baglan. – You just leave a request in the app, and the motorist who passes by sees it and helps if possible. The price for the service is set by the customer-the car owner who needs help.”

Another useful feature that is also planned to be monetized in the future has been introduced: professional services of service companies. For example, a motorist needs to paint the car or change the bumper. In this case, the app sends a photo and a request, which is responded to by the service STATION, sending their prices and terms.

There are also such useful features as courier delivery, which turned out to be in demand during the pandemic. Or-cargo transportation between cities. The plans include the introduction of search services and payment of fines and taxes, and the conclusion of car insurance contracts.

However, the geography of the mobile app is not limited to Kazakhstan. Residents of about 200 major Russian cities are also considered as potential participants.

We should add that recently Baglan also won a grant under the state program “business Roadmap-2025” in order to purchase a powerful server for servicing the beep.beep in 24/7 mode.

Baglan Olzhabayev believes that the systematic support from government agencies and development institutions, which is now felt by many entrepreneurs in Almaty, will bear fruit in the next year or two in the form of new ideas and projects, modern production facilities and additional jobs.

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