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New industrial Park in Almaty is preparing to receive tenants

In the new industrial Park of the company “Ala Estate” in the Nauryzbay district of the southern capital, repairs and preparations for the arrival of tenants are now in full swing. The total area of the Park is about 2200 sq. m. today, the area is occupied by 75%.

Among the tenants of the already built industrial Park in the Nauryzbay district are enterprises of the light, food, furniture industry, a workshop for the production of stationery, including organizers, waterproofing, etc.

It should be noted that all industrial parks built in the city with the support of the state under the “Almaty Business-2025” program have created comfortable conditions for SMEs. This is a fixed rental rate-1200 tenge per 1 sq. m. for 5 years, all necessary communications, including gas, water, electricity. There is also a possibility of preferential financing for business development.
The location of the industrial Park “Ala Estate” was also chosen by the city authorities not by chance – this is how conditions are created for the development of entrepreneurial activity and improving the standard of living on the outskirts of the metropolis. Similar industrial parks have been built in other parts of the city, and new ones are also being designed.

The owner Kanat Bidaralov received funds for the construction of this industrial Park earlier at a reduced rate under the regional program – 60 million tenge for 7 years at a rate of 7% secured by property. Now he has submitted another application to Almaty Finance LLP for preferential financing for the construction of another industrial Park in the Industrial zone of the city in the Alatau district. The entrepreneur is allocated a plot of 1 ha.

At the moment, the conditions for the regional program “Almaty Business-2025” have changed by 6% and 2%.
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