New Kombucha drink will be produced in Almaty industrial park - Центр предпринимательства

New Kombucha drink will be produced in Almaty industrial park

“Now the repair of premises in the industrial park in the Nauryzbay district of the city is being completed, equipment purchased with the help of preferential financing with the support of the regional business development program “Almaty Business-2025″ has already been received”, – said Fariza Bekmakhanbet, head of WOW DRINKS LLP.

Thus, in a month’s time, the industrial park plans to launch a full-fledged, expanded Kombucha production line. The first trial batches of soft drinks in glass containers have already been delivered to small retail outlets. Today there are 5 different flavors available.

Kombucha is a natural, low-calorie live drink of Kombucha, a source of useful probiotics and antioxidants. It has long been quite popular abroad as a substitute for sweet sodas as part of the global trend to switch to a healthy diet.

A few months ago, Fariza came up with the idea of producing such a drink in Kazakhstan to our business Center “Qoldaý”, where she was supported and helped with the application for project financing in “Almaty Finance” LLP. In one contract, a novice entrepreneur received several benefits at once: a preferential loan of 16 million tenge for 7 years at 2% – for the purchase of equipment and replenishment of working capital, premises for rent in an industrial park with a low fixed rate for 5 years, as well as ready-made infrastructure.

Fariza believes in the success of its product and is already negotiating its supply not only to the market of Kazakhstan, but also to the entire CIS.