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New production facilities are being launched in Almaty

The development of SMEs in the city became possible thanks to state support tools.

Business in Almaty is offered state support tools under the programs “Almaty Business-2025”, “Economy of simple things”, “business Roadmap” and others. These are preferential financing at low rates through financial institutions “Almaty Finance”, MFO” Almaty”,” DAMU”, ready-made infrastructure in industrial parks and The industrial zone of Almaty, the created business Center” Qoldaý”, where you can get free training and full support from the start of the project to its launch. Today we will tell you about some business projects launched under the state program “Almaty Business-2025 “with the support of”Almaty Finance” LLP.

The production of respiratory masks, the higher level of protection

Flexy Pharm has launched a new production of FFP2 protection class respirators in Almaty. Previously, it was granted a preferential loan of 50 million tenge for 3 years at 7% for replenishment of working capital and 45 million tenge for 7 years at 7% for the purchase of equipment.

“In connection with the start of production of 1 million pieces per month of such masks, we want to establish cooperation with our hospitals. There, respiratory masks with a higher level of protection will be needed for employees who can directly contact those infected with coronavirus, ” says the company’s General Director, Alemzhan Taipov.

He said that the company also purchased equipment for the production of filter material “Melblone”, which is obtained from microfibres with a thickness of 1 – 5 microns. It has high filtration properties that prevent the penetration of bacteria and infections, so this filter element is also readily used in the production of surgical masks, medical caps, bathrobes, Shoe covers, bed linen, etc. The scope of its application is very wide.

In addition, Flexy Pharm increased the production of three-layer masks from 1 million to 2.5 million units. per month, as the demand for them is growing. “We participate in tender purchases as domestic producers. There are orders while we serve them. We work all over Kazakhstan, but today it is mainly Almaty, ” said Taipov.

The new production facility is located in the Nauryzbay district of Almaty.

Development of clothing production

Azamat clothing factory launched a line of children’s clothing, as well as replenished working capital, thanks to preferential financing in the amount of 20 million tenge.

The factory has been successfully operating on the market for the third year and is engaged in the production of knitwear. These are mainly underwear, including t-shirts, t-shirts, underwear, home clothing, products for newborns, all types of workwear for enterprises, as well as clothing for soldiers under the order of the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This year, the factory also opened a new direction-the production of mattresses, blankets, pillows and bedspreads. In total, there are about 100 employees. equipment, including sewing machines, said the Director of the factory’s Chynybaev.

New Kombucha drink conquers the market of Kazakhstan

Its production is launched in the industrial park in the Nauryzbay district of Almaty. According to the founder of “WOW DRINKS” LLP Fariza Bekmakhanbet, the industrial park is currently finishing renovation of the premises, and the equipment has already been received. So in a month it is planned to launch a full-fledged, expanded Kombucha production line. The first trial batches of soft drinks in glass containers have already been delivered to small retail outlets. Today there are 5 different flavors available.

Kombucha is a natural, low-calorie live drink of Kombucha, a source of useful probiotics and antioxidants. It has long been quite popular abroad as a substitute for sweet sodas as part of the global trend to switch to a healthy diet.

Fariza believes in the success of its product and is already negotiating its supply not only to the market of Kazakhstan, but also to the entire CIS.

“We are working further and making big plans»

The food company “Aksen” LLP managed to survive during the difficult period of the pandemic and did not stop the strategic provision of food to polyclinics and hospitals of the city, as well as other social facilities, thanks to timely financial assistance from the state.

Having received preferential loans under the state program to replenish working capital, the company was able to stand on its feet and is now making plans to launch production of its own flour at its mill this year.

“We have already mastered all the funds allocated to us, it was a great help for us, we want to continue our cooperation. There are plans to purchase grain in the North of the Republic this year and launch flour production at our mill. We are still negotiating the possibility of financing, ” says Kuandyk Kalzhigitov, head of Aksen LLP. The company has its own warehouses, a mill and a granary, and if the necessary financial resources are available, it also plans to engage in deep processing – the production of pasta and confectionery.

“Now we are working further and we are actively preparing for the winter, we are collecting vegetables for storage, for example, we have already collected 30 tons of potatoes, we will put another 50 tons in storage, we have prepared 30 tons of onions, carrots, beets, and so on. So, despite the difficult time, we do not stand still, we do not cut anyone, on the contrary, we recruit,” Kalzhigitov concluded.

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