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How the Qoldaý entrepreneurship center helps businesses in Almaty. Small and medium-sized businesses in the southern capital are an important element of the domestic economy, as they form about 20% of Kazakhstan’s GDP. The COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictive measures could not but affect business development. New difficulties and old problems that have been exposed together could further slow down the development of entrepreneurship. However, in reality, the pandemic did not cause a significant decline in indicators. For example, according to the department of entrepreneurship and investment of Almaty, by September the number of active SMEs amounted to 195.2 thousand, which is 2.6% higher than last year. What are the challenges facing business in Almaty? How do entrepreneurs solve them? And how does the Qoldaý entrepreneurship center help businesses?

Qualitative effect Experts note that in addition to the structural problems of business – overregulation of regulations, acts and permits, as well as tax issues, businessmen face other problems that do not lie on the surface. For example, the head of the family business Association of Kazakhstan Yana Isakova notes that the growth of business in Almaty is restrained by the elementary fear of losing. “People are not afraid that they will not earn crazy money, they are afraid that they will lose even what they have,” she said. Executive Director of the Association “Forum of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan “Munavara Paltasheva believes that these problems can be solved and now is the time when the state needs to make a decision and start from scratch. “Count the” live ” entrepreneurs, see what types of activities they work in, which niches are free, give them recommendations. And it’s not so monotonous to continue sending money and providing some kind of assistance, ” she says. Experts note that today the Qoldaý entrepreneurship center provides significant support to entrepreneurs. They try to prepare clients for real business conditions: from courses for beginners to training in financial literacy and marketing analysis. According to Yana Isakova, the center is one of the few organizations that thinks not only about quantitative, but also qualitative indicators. “Conditionally, five thousand people have passed through such courses. So what? Others would not think how many of them have reached the point of creating their own business, and how many have started earning their first money. Step-by-step is important here. That is why we recently discussed with Qoldaý What KPIs the center can have, ” the expert concludes. “We explain to entrepreneurs the legal norms, what permits or licenses they need to get to do business, help them decide on a suitable program for preferential lending, develop a business plan, help in the correct formation of a package of documents and support in government agencies, financial institutions and other organizations,” explains Taranukha Ruzana, Deputy Director of the Department of permits Qoldaý.

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