Sabirova Aliya learned about the "Qoldaý" entrepreneurship center in the media - Центр предпринимательства

Sabirova Aliya learned about the “Qoldaý” entrepreneurship center in the media

Aliya received a gratuitous grant in the amount of 2 million tenge to open a multidisciplinary ethno-cultural educational center “Murager” under the “Business Road Map-2025” program. The innovation of the project is 4 multi-vector areas of study. The first direction is teaching children to play kazakh folk musical instruments (dombyra, kobyz, shan kobyz, sazsyrnay, zhetigen) without notes, the second is tourism: the development of vocational guidance for children aged 16-18, that is, teaching the profession of a guide according to the program “Sacred Kazakhstan” and their further employment in travel agencies, the third direction is applied art: woodworking, the ability to embroider in the national style, and lastly, the revival of the traditional profession of burkitshi, in the summer, creating a small group of children and teaching them the burkitshi profession in the mountains in a tent camp. The goal of opening an ethno-cultural educational children’s center was to educate and at the same time educate the future generation in the spirit of patriotism.

“On December 30, 2020, we officially received the grant. At the moment, renovation work is underway in the office. The project has already created 5 jobs. The funds received will be used to purchase musical instruments: dombyra, kobyz, shan kobyz sazsyrnay, zhetigen, as well as to purchase a sewing machine and a woodworking machine. In the future, I want to attract a craftsman who would make art products from wood, thereby creating an additional workplace. Hopefully with the development of the business, we will be able to afford the purchase of our own premises ”- shares the entrepreneur.