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The first voice laboratory in Kazakhstan is operating in Almaty

It was opened on the basis of the ENT center “V-ENT”, which introduces new technologies in this area in Kazakhstan. In turn, the creation of the center itself became possible for its founder Dinara Toguzbayeva almost from scratch, with the support of state programs. In three years, the center has grown stronger and significantly expanded opportunities for patients.

“The idea to open an ENT center and the first Voice laboratory in Kazakhstan was born in February 2017,” says Dinara Toguzbayeva. – I created an LLP and applied to the Damu Foundation for advice. I was informed that there is a program of the mayor’s office of Almaty that supports innovation. After collecting the necessary documents, we applied to Kazkombank through the managers of Damu with a ready-made business plan, and after various approval procedures, we were issued a loan. We signed a direct contract with the factory at a big discount for us, as this was their first deal for our region, and they were interested in expanding their supply chain. The first tranche under the “Almaty innovation” program amounted to 20 million tenge, while own participation was required very small, something about 1 million tenge. At the end of August of the same year, after installing the equipment, the V-ENT center began to receive its first patients.”

Later, the German partners offered to buy the center their laser equipment, and free of charge, with the exception of consumables. Therefore, in December 2017, Dinara again applied through “Damu” to the bank for a loan in the amount of 5 million tenge for the purchase of these materials under the “Business Roadmap 2020” program, as a result, this tranche was approved.

Over three years of operation, the V-ENT center expanded its premises, at the beginning from 60 to 140 square meters, as the flow of patients was constant, and in the spring of 2018 it became possible to purchase it as a property. “We again needed financial assistance, and we began to cooperate with Forte bank also through the Damu fund, issued a mortgage of 54 million tenge. By that time, the managers of Damu and banks had established operational communication with each other, and therefore support for our projects was much faster and more convenient, I only came to sign ready – made documents,” says Dinara Toguzbayeva.

In April of this year, she went to study in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia), where colleagues offered her to purchase their ENT equipment, which is not inferior in quality to its European counterparts, but at a lower cost. Dinara in the framework of this training, during operations, was personally convinced of the high-quality operation of these devices, and therefore agreed. There were no available funds for the purchase, so she again applied to the Bank for a loan of about 6 million tenge, subsidies were also provided through “Damu”, and soon the loan was promptly issued.

“Thus, with state support, we were able to open our center without millions of savings, at low interest rates. My friends, for example, pay a loan at a rate of 22%, although the loan amount is small. And I have premises, equipment and all this at a rate of 6%,” – says Dinara Toguzbayeva.

According to her, the innovation of the ENT center is in the German equipment of the Heinemann company, which in cooperation with its partner plant produces diagnostic devices (endoscopy). Here is a three-chip system that allows you to get an image exactly to the millimeter. Due to this, specialists can notice various changes, for example, precancerous conditions, other prolonged health problems in this area. The device also has an archiving system that allows you to fully track the dynamics of the patient’s condition during treatment from the beginning to the end. This is also necessary for those Kazakhstan patients who are being treated in foreign clinics. They no longer need to fly there for diagnostics, you can send this data from the center online.

Another innovation of this ENT center is the voice laboratory for the diagnosis of patients with relevant disorders, mainly for singers, pop and opera artists, actors, TV journalists, students of conservatories, music schools, as well as those who came after thyroid surgery, coronary artery bypass grafting, when ligaments and nerves are damaged, and recovery is necessary. In the voice laboratory, it is possible to track at what stage there is a violation, what treatment is necessary. It can also determine the voice level of those who are thinking of starting a career as a singer, in order to determine whether his ligaments will withstand heavy loads. According to Dinara, the whole world is already working on this program.

The center also has a diode laser, which allows you to perform non-traumatic, bloodless operations in one day, for example, to remove polyps and adenoids, because of which previously patients had to be hospitalized in advance, and spend more budget funds. This also contributes to the implementation of the recommendation to reduce inpatient patients and transfer them to outpatient clinics, Dinara notes.

She started her professional career with work in public clinics, since 2012 she got a job at the department of the university, in 2009 she defended her dissertation. Since 2014, it has been a member of the European Union of phoniatrists. In his spare time, she teaches as an associate professor at the university of continuing education, actively implementing his latest knowledge and practices in the educational process. According to her, working in your private clinic allows you to give the patient more, beyond the framework of public services and standards, provide modern technical support, as well as train young personnel for yourself. Today, she has already trained 4 novice doctors.

“We plan to build our own clinic, with its own hospital and operating room, as I have to rent it in another medical center. We would also like to expand the list of our services, hire other specialized specialists, for example, pediatricians, and become a multi – specialty clinic,” – sums up Dinara Toguzbayeva.

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