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The state helps families with multiple children in Almaty to start their own business

The Qoldaỳ Entrepreneurship Center provides comprehensive assistance to families with multiple children, cooperating with the Bakytty otbasy and Isker Ana centers, helping them to receive public grants, to obtain preferential loans and training. In September of this year alone, more than 200 residents of the city were prepared for a competition to award a free public grant in the amount of 2 to 5 million tenge for starting their own business.

For this purpose, the Qoldaỳ Center provided this year free assistance to representatives of vulnerable communities of the population, including families with multiple children in Almaty in the development of more than 100 business plans. 38 grants have already been received at the first stage of the competition announcement. At the second stage, 120 applications for the development of a business plan were accepted. «71 projects of families with multiple children were supported in obtaining approval documents, such as obtaining licenses and other permits», – said Akbota Rustembekova, director of the department of permits at the Qoldaỳ Entrepreneurship Center.

«Our task is to maximize the chances of winning, to select appropriate psychological approaches, to teach the skills necessary for promotion of their own business ideas, to find innovation, as well as to introduce you to the basics of marketing promotion. This gives mothers an opportunity not only to get new professions, but also to be confident in the future of their family. Their business plan gets much better», – notes Akbota Rustembekova.

The support for families with multiple children is also provided within the framework of other government-sanctioned programs. In doing so, within the framework of the state program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017 – 2021 «Enbek», families with multiple children are actively receiving preferential loans and grants for starting their own business. As a part of «Bastau Business» project, there is an opportunity to receive grants and take free training in the basics of entrepreneurship. The program of state preferential lending within the framework of «Almaty Business-2025» allows you to receive support with the greatest opportunities for families with multiple children, for whom preferential loans are provided at the rate of 2%. The Fund of Financial Support of Agriculture implements several financing programs that are aimed at supporting agricultural producers interested in developing family-run businesses, loans are provided at the rate of 4% per annum.

«About 4 years ago, when I first encountered a consultation directly with a mother of a large family, I saw insecurity, fear and irritation. It became clear to me that the approach used to make a consultation is not efficient and does not bring the desired positive result. It was decided to think outside the box in this standard issue, – says Rustembekova. – The consultant needs to understand one important thing. It lies in the fact that from the very moment when he found out the applicant’s need to implement a business idea, it becomes his personal need, and it is important to find the most suitable solutions, using all the possibilities of state support».

«Often, moms don’t even know how brilliant they are! In five minutes of consultation, they give at least 2 innovative ideas. And this is not surprising. Who else, if not them, should know what the kids want, how to clothe a family, as well as, in general, what is the deficit of Kazakhstani production. When you say to such a mom that she is just a genius, and the idea that she has now voiced so sadly and completely pessimistic is very necessary, then you can see a sparkle in her eyes and a slight smile. But the further you support her business idea, the more active she becomes. After the training, it is often not a mother of many children and not family experiencing difficulties that comes back, but a business woman who is ready to go forward and overcome obstacles. I have experienced more than once pride and joy that cannot be conveyed in words when, together with mothers of large families, I worked the way up from the first consultation and receiving a grant to the implementation of a business. When they call and, bursting with emotions, report that we have succeeded and the grant has been won, then you sincerely shout «Hurray» in unison with them, – tells Akbota Rustembekova.

One of the projects of mothers with many children in the city, implemented with the consultative support of the Qoldaỳ Center, was the production of cold-pressed oils by EcoFood KZ LLP. The director of the company and a mother of many children, Nurgul Dauletkulova, explained how this business was created.

«I learned about the grant system for women at one of the training seminars. It made me wonder and I went for a consultation at Qoldaỳ». Akbota advised me and for about an hour we sat and discussed my project. In the office with partners, we thought for a long time about the project for the oil workshop. There were disputes, and different ideas, fears and barriers did not allow us to start it. But after talking with Akbota, we were literally inspired. She was able to dispel all our fears and leveled us up overnight.  We were able to complete the business plan quickly and began to analyze the market. And three months later we were already holding our cherished products in our hands, started selling it in the local market, received feedback from our customers, and now we are improving and adjusting the assortment. How did this project help me? The most important thing is the acquisition of emotional freedom. In other words, I began to understand that everything depends on me and it always succeeds. I have earnings as a result of my actions, as well as the development of me as a person after all the stages passed», – told she.

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