Training of entrepreneurs - Центр предпринимательства

Advantages of training entrepreneurs in “Qoldaý” Center of Entrepreneurs.

Target audience: beginner and potential entrepreneurs, including various social categories of population, who are residents of Almaty city.

“Qolday` Start” courses for beginner entrepreneurs

OFFLINE training courses

ONLINE training courses

1. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship “Qolday` Start” – basic module.

2. Marketing analysis – additional module.

3. Financial literacy for beginning entrepreneurs – additional module.

4. Fundamentals of Financial Literacy – Personal Finance Management – optional module.

5. Business planning – additional module.

6. State purchases in 2020 for beginning entrepreneurs – additional module.

7. Fundamentals of accounting and taxation – additional module.

10 urgent sectoral fields of business in Almaty City as part of Qolday` System course:

OFFLINE training courses

ONLINE training courses

1. Sewing business

2. Cooking workshop

3. Center of Education

4. Digital Marketing and E-commerce

5. Neighbourhood shop

6. Beauty salon

7. Domestic tourism

8. Innovation in agribusiness

9. Sports club

10. Business in the field of creative economy

Additional specialized courses

1.Digital Marketing

2.Taxes and accounting reports

3. Financial modeling and development of business plan

4. Marketing and Market Analysis

5. Personal finance management

6. Insurance

7. Soft Skills

8. Sales management

9. Correct documents circulation (workflow)

10. Kaizen philosophy in business

11. Financial literacy

12. Business strategies